See you later…

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This, farewell letter for guys at Survey Department!. Will be truly memorable for years to come. See you guys!. 
will definitely miss it...
Dear all,
 Time goes quickly and imperceptible that today would be my last working at TEPI after more than one decade of my tenure here.
 I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks for all encouragement, support and guidance throughout.
 This has been an amazing and tremendous time for working with you all, and  I believe that this is not a Goodbye, 
 only "see you later". 
 It’s not easy decision and took a lot consideration about it. However, new challenges waiting for me out there as  
 to starting a new chapter of my career.
 I have enjoyed working with you as professionals and colleagues. The association that I have been made during this period 
 will be truly memorable for years to come.
 Therefore, I would like to deliver my apologies for any mistakes or hard feelings that may have happened during
 our interactions and togetherness as well. 
 I will definitely miss the moment with  you as  part of DKE/CST/TOP, ENG/CST/TOP, ENG/SVY/DMM and ECP/STD/DMM.
 I do wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and May Allah SWT always shed His blessing upon us.
Again, thanks for  all times you brought a smile to my face.
 Keep in "Silaturahim".
 Muhammad Sudarman



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