14 things you must pay attention how to win job within interview session

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This is only random points when you are taking interview session in the job vacancy. I took this from recruiter she said that interview session is exciting and challenging one. I agree with her and lets move and grab it, mates…!!

Before you are starting it, you must provide 3 matters, lets see below…

  1. Prepare yourself with enough breakfast :Have the light one, don’t consume too much carbo in here. May cause you drowsiness… Means a bad alarm for you right?
  2. Don’t be late : Try to catch there half an hour before the interview session begins. It will help you to act calm and reduce some tenses that usually come in this kinda thrilling atmosphere…
  3. Find any mirror :  toilet’s mirror is the most safest one and take a final look of your appearance…You certainly don’t want any celery or peppers shown in your teeth during your interview session, aren’t you? For the women. Powder your nose please…Okay 😀

Now let’s move to the REAL INTERVIEW SESSION :

  1. Act like the real you. Never pretend like you’re someone else : Believe me, we do know the differences ok?
  2. Avoid over-confidence-description about yourself : Like you know everything, things will be easily being handled by you, or the fact that in your last company, you’re smarter than your direct user. Even if that’s true, please candidates, just be down to earth.
  3. Do not interrupt your interviewer : It’s really bothering us mates. So please don’t. Listen carefully. You will have your own time to think and answer it properly…
  4. Don’t look like someone who’s very desperate in getting that job. Shows us that you have your own values, good competency, and high competitiveness…
  5. If the interviewer ask you about that “how much you score yourself” question, 8 is the most safest score. Well, I prefer 8.5 for myself… hehehehehhe…
  6. Prepare about your strength and weakness : Describe it in a good way. Notes : Weakness is normal. Every single human is unique by his/her own strength and weakness. *But if your weakness is you like to be drunk during your working time, hhmmmm… well you may keep it on your own. Don’t share it…
  7. Prepare the Q&A about the company’s information and future. You must browse it before. So you have a holistic description about the company’s condition, vision, mission, etc.
  8. Don’t give a kind of boring answer!! Example : Q : Tell us about yourself! A : My name is Anne, I’m 21 years old, was born on September 13, 1990, I’m a hard worker, I’m friendly, graduated from ABC University, bla bla bla….Come on mates. We already read it on your CV. That’s what CV owe for right? Give us something different.
  9. Be focus. Answer the question from the interviewer by a direct answer. A brief explanation is good. But never be wordy until you don’t actually answer the main question.
  10. Don’t stare at the door, or even ceiling! Hello candidates! We’re here! Take a look at the interviewer…
  11. Better avoid a personal matter to bring into the surface of the conversation. Like you wanna resign from your current company because you’ve just broke up with your girl friend whom also work in that company. Oh please, be mature!
  12. Give your friendly smile, but never over do it….
  13. You may ask the compensation and benefit that you will get if you can join that company. Make it in general question. Don’t push it too hard on the price tag. It will make you look opportunistic.
  14. After a long interview session, shake the Interviewer’s hand gently but sure! *while you’re doing it, make a little prayer on your heart. It works for me…”

Okay mates… There are some tips that may be useful for you on your interview session. After all of that, I wish you all get this one happy notification :

Gd. Prefab – Survey Department  – Total EP Indonesie – Balikpapan, : 22.02.2012


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